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World’s Fastest Drummer (April 23, 2001 – August 10, 2002)

Art Verdi broke the previous record of 1071 Single Strokes in 60-Seconds held by Johnny Rabb by doing a Whopping 1116 Single Strokes in 60-Seconds. Art was the first man in history to break the 1100 Single Stroke mark and he did it all at the age of 56. Art has been affectionately nicknamed “The Godfather” by some of his colleagues, due to his 55+ years in drumming, and wears the monicker proudly.

Private Lessons with Art Verdi


This is your chance to learn the Gladstone Finger Technique from Art Verdi himself!

Art is now accepting a limited number of students in the Tri-State NY-NJ-CT area.
(Parts of Pennsylvania will also be accepted if student is willing to make the commute to his/her lesson.)

For further information, please click the link below and Art will get in touch with you either by email or phone.

Thank you.

I would like private one-on-one lessons with Art Verdi

Learn At Your Own Pace

Downloadable “Learn at your own pace” lessons will be available SOON for purchase.

Web-based Lessons

Art Verdi is in the process of adding web-based lessons via webcam to his website and will be available SOON.

Latest Art Verdi DVD

Art Verdi Practicing Properly DVD

Comcast Logo  Commercial

featuring Art Verdi

Who does one of the leading communication companies, Comcast, call on to represent their High-Speed Internet Service on a commercial? World’s Fastest Drummer Champ, Art Verdi.

Watch the Art Verdi Comcast Commercial Cable Commercial featuring Art Verdi

Latest Art Verdi Video

on Drummerworld

Recently Art has been moved up from the Drummerworld Wishlist to their Watchlist. As such Drummerworld has posted a New Video of Art on his watchlist page of their site.